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Spring is here and there's much to be done outside.

Wow !  What a beautiful day it was to be out!

My husband and I have just purchased 70 acres and we're hoping others will be interested in sharing the space with us and creating a community of common interests and peaceful actions.

So here I will share some of the things we're starting to work on and some of the plans we have.

We are essentially starting from'scratch'!  Today we began to clear the way down onto the property by cutting trees and clearing brush.  We walked the trail all the way in.  There is a narrow brook to cross and a fairly narrow stream that we will have to make a bridge over.  For starters we are creating a small parking lot on the 'main' road and then it wil be a walking path or ATV trail until we get fill and such as needed. 

There is a hill side on the property that has souteastern, southern, and soutwestern exposures.  This is very good as there is no on grid option.  We have been converting to solar power everything over the last few years in our present home and now have a comfortable handle on what is possible.  We even have a DC solar powered refrigerator!  What a blessing.  We wish we had done it sooner.  It is quiet and no fans running alot. Our other refrigerator used lots of electricity and always made noise.

I will keep you posted. Feel free to ask questions!

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Cool, I'll also put this on Facebook.  I'm happy for you Barb.  Mike and Rebecca have been helping with my trees.  They are using it for firewood and fence posting.  So, I helped them load some lumber from their fence in Livermore Falls yesterday.  Started preparing soil for peas and beans.  If I recall, you're having a party soon?  My memory keeps fading....age I reckon.  Love you.
Yep!  We are having an 'open house' weekend during Memorial weekend, Friday night til Monday afternoon.  Any and all are welcomed to spend the night or visit for a few hours.  Plan to have lots of food activites plus there's lots of areas that still need exploring!  We went out yesterday and a pair of buteos went over. couldn't tell if they were red-tail or harriers.  Definately male and female.  What a sign!!!
I can't wait! 




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