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I bought a set of sprouting lids about a year ago and have been sprouting mung seeds and a salad mix every once in awhile since.  I never quite get it like what I can pick up at my country market and can't figure out why.  They don't quite get long enough or that juicy, refreshing taste to them.  Just blah.  

I love alfalfa sprouts and pick them up a least once a month from the market and decided to pick up some seeds to try and sprout.  I've got them going and they look fabulous.  Then I received the book, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, for my birthday from my husband.  The book really frowns upon alfalfa sprouts.  It states that all the health benefits that have been said about it is all "ill advised" and it is not recommended.  You can't see my frowning face, but believe me it's there.  I love alfalfa, cream cheese, and pita bread and I would be extremely sad not to continue with this treat.
Can anyone help me figure out why I can't get my mung bean seeds to sprout right?  I'd also love someone to contradict Nourishing Traditions view of the alfalfa sprouts.  I love them too much to give them up, but also I have the utmost respect for the authors of this book.  

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Hmm, not quite sure what the problem is with the mung bean sprouts. I posted about sprouting mung beans over here: http://unspeakablevisions.blogspot.com/2010/06/twist-sprout.html. I assume you rinsed them a few times a day and kept them in a coolish place? Good luck!

PS- I love alfafa sprouts too and am bummed about the possibility that they are "ill-advised". Let me know when you learn more!
I recall being told something about alfalfa beans during my herbal apprenticeship years ago being especially bad for folks with autoimmune problems. This site gives you a bit on why.....http://www.foodrevolution.org/askjohn/17.htm
Were you soaking them overnight first? Mung beans also need a lot of room...do you have a big enough jar? I use a big gallon wide-mouth jar. Rinse several times a day. How could an alfalfa sprout be bad!!!??? Maybe for specific conditions as noted by another post, but geeez!

I recently took a Food Manager certification class, and sprouts were listed along with raw eggs, seafood, etc. as being potentially harmful. I think it's just because they are a raw product and there is more potential for bacterial growth. I'm pretty sure eating the sprouts is fine as long as you keep your sprouting jars sterilized and your hands clean when you are handling them.


I did a post on mung bean sprouts about a year ago- anyone have any tips for rinsing off the green hulls of the seeds, or do you just eat them?

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