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Due to the use of hard water, the taps and showers in the bathroom and kitchen got damaged. Last month, I contacted a plumbing repair services from Calgary to get the pipes and showers fixed. When I asked about the cause of this he said that minerals that exist in hard water create some problems which then damages the pipes the shower. He also added that this can also affect the life of the hot water tank. So, he suggested that servicing the tanks at least a year will increase the lifespan of the tank.
I guess everyone should think about this and get the service done every year. Water softening is also a good idea. By water softening it means to remove the calcium and other minerals that make the water hard. In my opinion, the process of water softening is essential to extending the lifetime of plumbing. Soft water is also gentle, beautifying and enriching. It’s also helpful for cleaner skin and silky, more manageable hair. I am planning to get the water softener as soon as possible. Just wanted to pass this bit of information with everyone.
Hope this helped.
Thanks in advance!

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