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I am having a lot of problems with my strawberries disappearing before I can even pick them! I can't tell if it is the birds or the cats :(


Any ideas (other than covering the plants) on how to keep them from eating the berries?

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Not sure why a cat (or a bird) would eat a strawberry.  Ideas other than covering?!?  Dunno.  Monofilament netting is pretty effective, and for ground plants like strawberries does not harm avian wildlife.  You prolly got a groundhog or one of its rodent buddies.  This may be one of those moments of reconciliation drrrrrrrrrrrrrr, but one has gotta go, either the berries or the wildlife.  One other option is plant berries in such abundance that no hog could ever eat all.   Or do a container planter up on a protected porch...  

  Just thoughts about living with "pests" and giving some over to them.  Much like "plant a row for the hungry" manna food bank type set-ups, plant some for the wildlife, 'cause they're gonna get into the garden one way or another.  I use the "Confuse and Divert" method with deer and rabbit.  I've got the plots of food that I want to protect (and do) and the plots that can be eaten, that aren't fenced up like crazy, they are the easy lunches for the aminals.  If I get grazed over real bad, it's usually in the place where I've set myself up to take a loss.  

  Or you could be that crazy whackadoo that sits out on the porch with the blowgun.  Your call.  

I have Bluejays that eat my strawberries along with slugs and squirrels. This year I am hanging Irish Spring Soap in pantyhose from trees & trellises, even garden stakes. I'm also using cd suppended as windchimes. Last year I was robbed squirrels got my peach trees.



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