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Ok it is that time of year again that these are in season.  I have recently found an Amish bulk food store that sells "Dutch Gel" 


I made a batch of jam yesterday with Dutch Gel but it has yet to really set up.  I am wondering what I did wrong of if there is something special you should do. 


The reason I am trying this product is because a friend of mine has a little girl that is allergic to citric acid and Sure gel has a lot of that in it.  She can eat fresh fruits in limited amounts but can't eat jams and jellies do to the added extra citric acid.


Can I reboil this batch to get it to set up?  I am looking for any answers to this problem right now I am sitting with 22 jars of strawberry syrup.



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We've been having a pretty in depth discussion on jams & jellies on the food preservation site. Why don't we move this discussion there since a lot has already been said on the subject. Harriet will likely have a solution to the citric acid issue and may know something about Dutch Jel. One thing I might mention is that Pomona's Universal Pectin (similar to Dutch Jel) does not contain citric acid and the recipe in the box for strawberry jam does not call for lemon juice or citric acid. Home Made pectin does not contain citric acid either. For now I would wait a while to see if your jam jels. Not all jams jell immediately and it could be that all you need to do is wait a little while longer. You might put one in the fridge to see if that helps it jell quicker. Assuming Dutch Jell is indeed similar to Pomona's it could be reboiled but reboiling alone would likely not be the answer to getting it to jel.  Here is a link to a good discussion on the Subject.

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