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It’s that time of year again!


Strawberry season is in full swing here in the Northeast. The arrival of the juicy little berries ushers in summer and marks a delicious occasion to celebrate the fruit of the season!  With my birthday at the end of June, I don’t think there’s been one year that I haven’t devoured strawberries and fresh cream on biscuits (in lieu of shortcake), made strawberry-rhubarb pie for picnics, or preserved strawberry jam to use for the rest of the year.  My local farmers’ markets use this season as a fundraising opportunity – local chefs create strawberry-inspired desserts and donate the proceeds to Massachusetts Farmers Markets Association.  It gives me a good reason to stuff myself with dessert this month!


(Credit: Aliza)


It’s prime pickin’ time for these rubies.  Where are you picking them? Do you grow your own or take the family to the local patch? What are you making with your cache?  I’m calling on you - yes YOU! dear members of our many fantastic groups - to share your photos, recipes, and projects with the rest of us when we still have more than we can eat!


Check out what some of our dedicated HOMEGROWNers have done in past seasons:


(Credit: Sunshyne)


Strawberry wine and vinegars, jams and syrups and jellies (oh my!) in Food Preservation


Growing tips to combat pests in your patch in Aspiring Farmers and Urban Gardeners


Recipes GALORE (apart from just strawberry-rhubarb crisps) in Recipe Sharing and Homegrown Cookin'


And lots of HOMEGROWNers, like Kristen, who share helpful hints on strawberry growing, canning, and cooking!


(Credit: Tricia)


Be sure to ask where to get the freshest strawberries in Favorite Farmers' Market or which patch to take the kids to on the weekend in Earth Mamas and Papas: HOMEGROWN Parenting



Those who are now in the thick of the season, get out there and eat your zip code (and lots and lots of berries) - and be sure to tell us all about it!


(Credit: michael)



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I'm running out of storage space for my berries...so I'm now dehydrating them.....

beautiful photo, lynda! do you grow your own? what will you do with the dehydrated berries??

Caroline: I grow them in an 4X16 foot raised bed and I also manage the Colusa Farmers Market and I usually pick up about 12 pints every Monday.  After I get all my *strawberry* needs met, I pass along the fruit to friends and the local food pantry.  My strawberries weren't that sweet this year, they just didn't get the heat they needed to sugar-up. We've had cool overcast weather...but now that it's heating up the berries coming on are sweeter. 

I use the dehydrated berries in cereal, yogurt, cookies, cakes, granola...and the grandkids eat them instead of candy.

Awesome! Sounds like you definitely get your fill every season -- and get to enjoy the fruit all year long!


Didn't get any this year the only Upick orchard around me had their crop fail due to too much rain.  Lost it all and their cherry crop too.  I feel bad for them and myself.  Just when I want to do more than just jam.  I had to use store strawberries this year.

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