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I recently came into 2 Kilos of 19.5 micron superwash merino top.  I am a novice spinner to begin with and had a heck of a time getting started with this fiber.  I honestly kept with it because I have so much of it.  I dyed 8 oz. in three colors and wanted to spin it all out.

What I learned:

  • Super wash has no scales or coated scales os it does not have the "grab" regular top does.
  • This means it slips much easier and does not keep drafting itself like normal top
  • Easier to dye since it will not felt you can man hahdle it a bit without worry
  • Needs room for dye to penetrate the fiber- Pre soak the fiber!
  • I have changed to the second smallest whorl.  Needs some extra twist in it.  Soon as I am done the first skein I'll post pictures!

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Thanks for sharing.  I have not actually spun any super wash, so that is good information.  Dyeing regular merino can be difficult because it does felt easily.  Sounds like superwash might be the ticket for dyeing merino.  Can't wait to see you pictures.

This week-end I will be spinning at the Aurora Colony Handspinners Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase.  This is a fun event that really draws a lot of interest from the community.  This year I will be spinning flax on my little antique German wheel.  There will also be a person demonstrating flax preparation (a rather tedious task).  If I remember to take some pictures, I will post some.  

I attached the first skein I have spun of the dyed superwash while still on the kniddy noddy.  The second photo is a first attemp at my new color scheme for the superwash.  I have a lot of white fiber in the middle the brown got too dark and my orange dye stock turned into gloop until i went to use it.  The super wash seems to DRINK dye.  The turquise dyed all the waythrough and is still exhausting dye on my hands while i spin though I have spun a lump of each color at this point and its going pretty well. was going to sscrap this but I might use it anyways.  I deifnitely need a lighter brown though!


I love the blue and green.  You may be surprised at how much the brown lightens up when you spin it.  Especially if there is white fiber on the inside.  My dyeing experience is minimal.   But I have taken a couple of classes and participated in dye days with my guild.  My last project included wool dyed with onion skins.  It is a lovely gold color.  




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