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Introducing the 19 Days of Thanksgiving: Starting Monday, November 4 and continuing every weekday until Turkey Day, we'll add one holiday-friendly recipe from a HOMEGROWN member to this lineup. Got a dish to bring to the proverbial potluck? Post it! We'll be trolling the site for favorites to pass along. It's like the 12 Days of Christmas, except with more beets. Happy meal planning—and go ahead: Sing along!

» On the first day of Thanksgiving, Kirsten gave to us a recipe for gooey mac and cheese in a pumpkin, courtesy of Melt. (That's it, at left.) Added 11/4/13

» On the second day of Thanksgiving, Cindy gave to us a family-favorite recipe for mushroom celery stuffing that has remained undefeated for 30 years. Now that's a champion. Added 11/5/13

» On the third day of Thanksgiving, Rachel gave to us a fresh twist on an old standard: creamy coconut sweet potato soup. (She describes digging up the potatoes as "a total thrill." Love it.) Added 11/6/13

» On the fourth day of Thanksgiving, Penny gave to us directions for preparing a succulent lemon sage turkey. It's even a little forgiving if you forget it in the oven. Not that any of us would do such a thing. Added 11/7/13

» On the fifth day of Thanksgiving, Jennifer passed along her very favorite pecan pie recipe, with an ode to Joy. Added 11/8/13

» On the sixth day of Thanksgiving, Jay gave to us his recipe for mouthwatering sweet potato enchiladas. (Are we drooling? You'd tell us if we were drooling, right?)  Added 11/11/13

» On the seventh day of Thanksgiving, Penny passed along Real Simple's recipe for fennel apricot stuffing. (The hard cider was her idea, to give it "that little something-something.") Added 11/12/13

» On the eighth day of Thanksgiving, Rachel shared her method for preparing the very best turkey ever. We don't know about you, but she's got our attention. Added 11/13/13

» On the ninth day of Thanksgiving, Kirsten gave to us her oh-so-savory recipe for roasted acorn and butternut squash with corn and sausage. Added 11/14/13

» On the tenth day of Thanksgiving, Anne gave to us—are you sitting down?—her recipe for chocolate sweet potato pie. (As if we needed a bonus: It's HFCS- and gluten-free.) If you make it and actually want to eat a slice yourself, you might want to lock the door and turn off all the
lights. We're just saying.  Added 11/15/13

» On the 11th day of Thanksgiving, Karin gave to us her homemade bagel recipe. She first shared her bagel-making method for Mother's Day, but since she recommends experimenting with add-ins, we think a half cup of cranberries and 4 or 5 teaspoons of orange zest (as inspired by HOMEGROWN member Carol) would make these a mighty tasty way to start the once-in-77,000-years phenomenon that is Thanksgivukkah. Added 11/18/13

» On the 12th day of Thanksgiving, Jay gave to us his recipe for cranberry apple chutney. (Makes two pints for 5 bucks!) Added 11/19/13

» On the 13th day of Thanksgiving, we present a tale of two soups: Cornelia's butternut squash and apple soup with crispy parsnip chips and Jennifer's acorn squash and pear soup. Two spoons, please! Added 11/20/13

» On the 13th day of Thanksgiving (stick with us here), Jana asked for zucchini bread recipes; check out her comment below. So, we're celebrating the 14th day of Thanksgiving with a bread bonanza: a delectable zucchini gingerbread from ohsweetie and a savory beer, Cheddar, and scallion version from Jennifer. And as long as we've got the oven fired, here's a cranberry bread recipe from Jennifer and some adorable mini cranberry yogurt oatmeal muffins from Kirsten. So many recipes, so little time until T-Day! Added 11/21/13

» On the 15th day of Thanksgiving, Tory gave to us her recipe for cooking turkey on the grill. (Yep, the grill!) Added 11/22/13

» Kugel! On the 16th day of Thanksgiving, Kirsten crafts a version involving pumpkin, cranberry, and maple. Thanksgivukkah, here we come. Added 11/25/13

» On the 17th day of Thanksgiving, Cindy shares her recipe for butternut squash and white bean stew—perfect for Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Eve Eve, or any cold and blustery day. Added 11/26/13

» It's not quite Thanksgiving yet, but be honest: Aren't you already dreaming of leftovers? On the 18th day of Thanksgiving, Kirsten shares a suggestion for what to do with all that extra gravy: poutine. YUM. Added 11/27/13

» On the 19th day of Thanksgiving, Christa gave to us a recipe double dipper: homemade pumpkin doughnuts and mulled wine, perfect for a pre- or post-meal treat. Thanks to Christa and to all who shared their family favorites—and a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Added 11/28/13

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I can see a few of these I would dearly love to try! And a couple that I probably have the stuff for... but what I need is an awesome zucchini bread recipe since my favorite recipe box has vanished and with it my best recipes since zuke bread is what I'm supposed to bring!

Jana! HOMEGROWN is here for you! Check out the 14th day entry, above—and happy Thanksgiving!

Excellent! Thank you! I have most of the ingredients for one of those, and I'm pretty sure I can get the absolutely necessary one of the three I don't. (the other two are iffy)

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