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I'm updating my last post....
I just want to encourage people who are new to beekeeping to Follow your intuition...find a local bee club join in the seminars and read everything in the library especially Keeping Bees by Ashley English. I am new to beekeeping and have been to two seminars and bee classes etc...what I did not expect was the amount of opinions out there..I thought working in the world of fashion, music, and art was opinionated...nothing compared to this hobby. I found the best hive configuration for me by research, talking to an awesome Kelly Bee rep, and prayer....as soon as I got my hive I was bombarded with shameful reprimanding opinions on what I should have done And what I better do now...I almost took the opinion bate. Hang tight and stay your course because everyone has their own opinion. It's bizarre....I thought it would be a chill experience but its more dynamic and amazing than I anticipated and I don't even have my bees yet only a hive! Lol lol lol.

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    I have always wanted to keep bee's but don't really know if I have the time or patience to do it, explain to me why you can have just two frames instead of three? Do you have to pick up the hives very often or is this just to move them to a better location? The hives are they supposed to be kept in the shade under tree's? I have goats and chickens I take care of now so I'm wondering will I have enough time for bee's also and then there is the garden I have every year?  Ellen

Hi there Ellen,
I have two deep eight frames and a medium and shallows. Although I'm learning it's really all good whatever size, long story. From what I've heard the brood hive bodies will be picked up about a couple times a year for swapping the bottom brood hive with top brood hive. The part that gets tricky is the honey supers which are above the brood supers....they can get heavy when full of honey. I've heard and read the hive should be south-southeast and lots of sun preferably full morning sun. About time...it will be about 8 months of study for me personally before I get my bees in May and I honestly needed....it's a personal thing I assume. I have a neighbor who keeps bees and is willing to help. I also looked up the local beekeeping club and found the people living close by and have been emailing with them too. Good luck and about the garden.....that's partly why I became so interested in beekeeping. My neighbors bees found my large citrus tree and it was miraculous what happened....the most beautiful tree I've ever seen all because of these bees.

    Hi Ann   that is why I wanted bee's because I have been reading about them and what they can do for your garden, that is great you have a next door neighbor that can help. That is why I'm going to read more and do more research before I get the bee's, probably not until next year. Thanks for all the information very helpful, my goats and chickens keep me busy now and of course looking forward to spring and the garden.




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