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I scored almost two dozen old Ball and Atlas jars at an auction this weekend - $10 for the lot of 'em!

Aren't they purty?

So, experts, doctors, canners, some questions:

The glass lids are all in tact and fit the jars. Can I safely preserve food in these (provided I buy new rubber gaskets)?

Two of the blue jars have the metal screw-on lids that are lined with...some kind of hard plastic(?) Am I able to water-bath can with these?

Any other advice is greatly appreciated. It's not quite bread & butter pickle season here, but I want to be prepared!



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Oh such beautiful jars.  I would use them to store dehydrated stuff or grains or buttons...would I use them for canning: no.  Sorry vintage jar rim openings feel irregular to me.  I worry enough about getting a good *seal* with the new jars and lids...I don't need the angst generated by using  a vintage jar...just me, I'm sure there are many others that will disagree with me. 

What a great find! I bet you could get away with canning fruit or jam--as long as you don't mind the occasional fermented jar--or things that you want to ferment like pickled beets or sauerkraut.

Those are beautiful I too would suggest dry good or in the winter make a fun item such as chocolate sauce for ice cream and give as a gift.  If you are feeling generous


Well, on one hand I think as Lynda points out, that the chances of seal failure on the older flip top lids are somewhat greater than the newer jars. But on the other hand (I have four fingers and a thumb - sorry couldn't resist) I can buy new rubber gaskets at my local hardware store and see no reason why you couldn't give em a try. The rubber gaskets are thicker and may acomodate the irregular openings (if any). Likely there would be no problems and wouldn't they make a really special gift to a lucky friend or relative?

Last year I found a yard sale in Indiana that had a tray of Golden Harvest drinking glasses (mason jars with mug handles). I knew there might be problems but have canned several time in them and had no problems whatsoever. They make great gift jars.




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