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What are you listening to? An ongoing music recommendation thread

I've recently discovered a bunch of new (to me) music on Lala and thought it would be fun to share links to songs here. Music is like oxygen to me - and many of us, I'm sure - I can't live without it. It enriches and relaxes me when I take deep, thoughtful breaths of it. I want to hear what YOU are listening to, too.
You can link to Lala songs (like I have) or Myspace or Amazon pages or any other way that we can hear part or all of a song.

I'll start with two different types of songs. A very pretty, rich and slightly bitter song:

And a heavier, headbanging but dreamy ditty from a Boston favorite of mine:
Whatcha got??

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I just LOVE They might Be Giants. This track was randomly selected by Poddington (my IPod):

I love when Poddington chooses the perfect fit...

good morning. here's some indiepunk.

imho, Doves are the very best band ever in the world. debatable, sure. but it's gonna take a lot to change my mind.

always controversial...

Oooh! SXSW 2010 preview on All Songs Considered! http://ning.it/9KlIWR
niiiiice...thanks for this.

Cornelia said:
Oooh! SXSW 2010 preview on All Songs Considered! http://ning.it/9KlIWR
Track of the Day, because I woke up with it in my head:

Master of Muppets!!!
this is the greatest thing ever.

Cornelia said:

Master of Muppets!!!
brilliant new(ish) indie band...Aloha!

I like Aloha - thanks!!

My selection for today is homage to Mark Linkous (of Sparklehorse and producer of this song) who took his life last week.

Notorious Liz said:
brilliant new(ish) indie band...Aloha!

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