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What books were given a positive salute from Radical Homemakers?

Just finished reading "Radical Homemakers" and can't find the name of the book that Shannon referred to as being a staple book for all Radical Homemakers?  Can anyone help me out?

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Hi Teressa,
I'm not sure what book you're referring to. I imagine there are many books on which Radical Homemakers rely - as well as web resources. You may want to pose your question as a comment in the Radical Homemakers group where folks have gathered to discuss the topic.
Hi Teressa - Were you talking about Your Money Or Your Life, by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez?? shannon

"Your Money Or Your Life" is a must read for anyone and should be one of our school's textbooks. Seems like everyone will tell you how to make the money but few tell you how to manage it correctly (other than those that want to use your money to make them money!). Your Money Or Your Life points out the need to evaluate the real cost (in time taken from your life) each time you make an expenditure. If we were asked to trade a year of our lfe for a new car we might think about it a lot more than when we just sign on the dotted line indenturing ourselves into servatude for the length of time it takes to pay off the car.

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