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This is something that I've been wondering about a lot as I see the site growing. I'd love to hear from you what motivates YOU to live this way? We know it's often not the easier or more convenient way to do things...Is it in any way a political action for you? Is the primary driver that it "tastes better"? That it is "the right thing to do"? What inspires you to go out of your way to live closer to the land and to the sources of your food?
Thanks for sharing!

(photo by Jill Clardy on Flickr)

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For me (no kids at home any more), it's just a matter of a lifestyle that I think we should all be working toward. I love the gardening process.  It's a stress buster for me, a kind of therapy. But man when it's canning/dehydrating/freezing time - what a sense of accomplishment. When money's tight and I dont have to wonder about how I'm going to afford food, I can go to the pantry or the freezer and there's plenty. I am most thankful to be able to do this. This is also a process for me to getting deeper into the country where I can really live my lifestyle choice. So on we go!

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