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I'm in a dilemma.  I am a passionate gardener and I have many indoor plants too. I love to be surrounded by refreshing, purifying greenery and love to decorate even the shadiest spot of my apartment. I have got indoor plants like the garden mum, spider plant, dracaena, ficus, peace lily, boston fern, snake plant, bamboo palm to mention a few. I have a small garden in my terrace too.

Last day, I installed uv film for glass toronto for all my windows, with an eye on reducing utility bills. Yesterday, a friend of mine suggested that dark tint is not favourable for rooms where I'm growing plants. It is said that they block ultraviolet rays. House plants require the red and blue rays of the visible spectrum (blue for leaf growth and red for flowering). So a coloured might be damaging which would block blue or red light.

Fortunately, my window film looks plain and not so dark. Shall I stick with the tint, since it is not coloured? I guess it is wise to prevent damage than later cure? Urgent advise needed. 

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I finally chose to go for uv film, seems to be good.

Great. Eco-friendly all the way ;)

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