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Help.  I went into my super last night, took out one frame and harvested the honey (left the rest for the winter) - woke up to check the bees and found ants infesting the inner cover.  I will go later into the super to check out the scene, but any suggestions on what to do if I find ant inside the super, etc.....

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I had the same problem last year.  I was told a strong hive will handle the ants on their own...I waited a few days and then made up my mind to help my *girls* out.  I moved my hive to a sturdy outdoor patio table and put each leg in a small can filled with oil...the ants can't get to the hive now.  I have done this same thing to all of my hives this year using different colored tables...I think they make my apiary unusually pretty! :)
Lynda is right the oil will stop any ants and I also place mine on tables not blocks. plus I'll follow the the ants to the source and destroy the mound. Alot of people laugh but I'll use Bingle roach spray it's a permethrin inject it into the mound and no more ants no residule and no chemical for the girls to get into.
Oh Charles, I'll have to try the Bingle roach spray...our ant *hill*  is huge and under the root system of a large English Walnut tree....we have other sites, but this is the colony that tries to steal from the bees.  Thank you for the advice.

New here, but oil does work.

Ants  breathe through their skin and oil always works to keep them off of the hives.

Have you ever heard of feeding with sugar and  grease patties to keep the mites and ants away?? 




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