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A Pasture Walk on the Home Turf

by Dr. Joseph Heckman, Ph.D

Pasture walks are typically organized as a way for farmers to get together to share ideas about ways to improve grass-based farming systems. An informal walk across a pasture guided by a host farmer is a
chance to make observations about what works well locally in terms of
pasture plant species, rotational grazing systems, fencing, water
supply, and livestock breeds.

Since raising chickens on the home lawn or pasture has become popular, it seemed appropriate to host a spring pasture walk for others interested in this way of producing or eating these very special pasture-raised

So on a Saturday evening, I recently hosted a pasture walk on our two acres we call River Birch Micro-Farm in Monroe, New Jersey. We invited members of the Weston A. Price
Princeton Chapter
as well as a following of students and friends
attending my various agricultural lectures. Parents were invited to
bring their children-–our farmers of the future. Altogether about 30
people joined the tour.


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Great article! Love the look of their chicken tractor. Checking out that link to the organic feed they use...
This looks awesome! Wish I could have been there.




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