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Hello everyone, I'm curious what everyone is selling eggs for a dozen?  In your area how many chickens do you need to make a profit?

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I live in central PA, I sell my free range eggs for $4.00 a dozen. I currently  only have 12 hens, with 40 pullets coming this spring. At the farm store I help out at we also sold duck eggs for $5.00 for half a dozen.

Christina that's pretty good, Is there a big market in your area for them? We have 500 laying hens and sell eggs wholesale to 3 grocery stores so we only get $2 a dozen. Are you looking to make a profit or just using them as a hobby?
I do mine strictly for fun and mostly sell only to friends or family, so don't bother charging more than $1.20. Weasel got all but one of my girls, so I'm waiting for the 9 replacements to grow up.




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