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We started back in February with 9 left in our layer flock - one roo and 8 ladies.

I had to come and get out my frustration. We had the rooster "processed" this morning as he has now attacked both my husband and I. (The lady who did the deed said she had never seen such large spurs on a yearling. O.O)

I came home and let the layers out. Only for the fox to show up and nab one of our eldest. This makes four since the end of March. We've been walking the dog and letting her do her business on the railroad tracks that run by our house. Hubster's been "marking" his territory around the mini-barn. I'm at my wits end.

To make it worse, the fox came back THREE MORE TIMES the two hours I was outside after the attack. The last time I walked up and down the tracks banging the ice chipper (closest weapon at hand) against the rails hoping it would sound enough like gun shots to scare it off. What really got me riled up is I had my 2.5 year old son outside with me. All I could think of was a Maine version of "the dingo ate my baby."

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Sorry about your hens. I had a fox a few months ago too. I have dogs that mark the area but that didn't do much for me either.

As long as the fox gets food it will keep coming back.  I kept my birds in the coop and run where they were protected for 3 days. If the fox cant get food it will look for a new place to hunt.

 I also bought some nite guard solar flashing lights for night to deter the fox from a night visit. I haven't lost any more birds.

See, we've tried keeping them in for a few days after. It's been three separate attacks now, roughly between three and four weeks apart.

I've read about the flashing lights, but mostly mixed reviews. How long have you been using them?

Maybe someone else here might have an idea. I only know what I have encountered here. I have domestic hens and rooster in coops so they are locked up at night but something was grabbing my game fowl out of the trees at night and when they went to the edge of the field during the day I would see a pile of feathers. I put more fencing on my coops and runs and got the solar nite guard lights for night. I have had them 2 months I bought 4 and put them on a 2 foot pole facing 4 directions and stuck in the ground near the coops and the trees where the game fowl sleep. So far I have not been missing any birds.

Just wanted to update everyone. We've had a trap set up for two weeks now. The only thing we caught was the cutest little skunk ever who was very happy when I set him free. The fox is still around, though. We've heard it doing after the wild turkies and continue to find new scat. It's getting on my nerves.




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