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I have one hen, ginger who has decided she wants some chicks. The problem is we had no rooster!
I kicked her out of the coop cause she's been in there for almost 3 straight days, and now you can tell she's going crazy. Is that the right thing to do?
Any and all advise is much appreciated!

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You could always order a few eggs for her to sit on, or beg hatching eggs off people with roosters. I begged some off my niece and cousin since they had roosters and sitting hens the last time one of my birds went broody and flat refused to stay out of the nesting areas. (She earned the name Pecky Bitch for a reason!)

https://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com/index.html is one place you can get hatching eggs online.

I have Black Stars, which lay every day and tend to go broody often.  With mine, the trick is to NOT let them see their eggs laying around.  Otherwise they'll notice a "clutch" and then something clicks in their little chicken brains to try and sit on those eggs day and night to try and hatch them.  Which is why I built a "rollaway nesting box" so that eggs roll away after the hen lays them.   It sure beats having to run in there and grab the eggs every few hours.  Sometimes though, I'll still get a hen who thinks herself clever by standing around waiting for one of her sisters to lay an egg, actually hoping that she can "catch" it before it rolls out of sight.  It'll work a few times, but eventually she'll get frustrated after a few days when the eggs she's trying to lay on mysteriously keep disappearing into the darkness of the collection area.  So the broody hen gives up and decides to go get something to eat.  It's times like that when I can't help chuckling.  :)


The 'roll away nesting box' is a brilliant idea Chris! I am going to put that on my honey do list!!

Jana, Pecky Bitch!!! That is defiantly how Ginger was acting today!

I kicked her out of the box, but then she just found some rock to sit on! I think I am going to have to try a rabbit cage to keep her in, if I cant find some hatching eggs for her!!

Thanks guys!




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