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I put together a small animal pen 10' x 10' with a shade. We moved our four chickens in, and the first night something climbed the pen and wiggled in. It killed and partially ate one of our hens, so I had to move the others back into the hot winter hoop house. I added chicken wire over the top, sidewall to sidewall. fastened it to the chain link, and laced it all together firmly. It may not keep out everything but it should help a lot! I moved the remaining birds back 2 night ago, so far nothing has happened. Check out the rest of the pictures on my home page album.

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Sorry to hear that you lost one, Rick.  I hope the rest stay safe!

So far yes. I will need to add a couple more next spring, I tried to hatch some of the Rhode Island reds eggs, but none of then made it, and she was the one killed. I might get lucky and find some Craigs list give a ways, but probably not till fall.



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