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I have no idea if this subject is fitting for this group but hey I'm looking to preserve my food right? I want to create a root cellar in my bulkhead. Ive heard that this has been done.. It has access to the outside and has air circulation as well as darkness and humidity.


Has anyone done this? how have you successfully deterred pests? any advice or help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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This is the perfect place to discuss cellars, as they have been used since time eternal for food preservation. Basically they are giant earth-powered refrigerators, using the static temperature of soil. Did you say bulkhead??? Do you live on a boat??? Anyhoo, cellaring one only has to maintain the temp, light and humidity. We have on on the 'rent's homestead, it is 3/4 buried in the ground, with a vent pipe for the humidity. Cellars are great for extending the life of canned and dried goods, and work great for root crops, pears apples pumpkins etc. We put up potatoes in old milk crates with straw. Air circulation is important, and blocking of light. What we are going for is mimicking them still being in soil. As for pests there are very few, because there's only one way in, through the solid steel door that has flaps and caulking at the seams. The vent pipe has mesh wire.
There are many other finer points about cellaring foods but to start off this is the basic: temp low, humidity low.

I know this thread is ancient, but I was wondering if you have had any luck with this yet? We have a bulkhead that we have to block off in the winter, which would be perfect for such a project!



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