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Hello all garlic freaks.  I have a few questions about preserving garlic.

One, Is there anything else to making garlic powder other than drying and grinding?  I made it once a long time ago and it hardened into a clump.  Was is not dry enough?  Do I need to add something inert to keep it from binding?  Whaddup wit dat?


Two, has anyone ever heard of the shelf life of packing whole fresh cloves into olive oil? 


I have pickled garlic cloves and scapes before but am interested to hear other ways of preserving.



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Hey Torry! I wish I could help you out, but I haven;t ventured there yet...I have made garlic vinegars that last forever...


I am not sure on the oil bit.. Oils have different keep times before they go rancid...This is actually on my own to-do list to investigate, so if you do find out, please do share in the garlic patch with the gang! Thanks a bunch!




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