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I'd like to try growing some of my own garlic, but I've read many various conflicting pieces of advice.  I'm in SE Michigan in ZONE 5. I've noticed all of our stores carry garlic bulbs in the spring, but I've read it's best to plant it in the fall and overwinter with mulch. What say you? I can order bulbs in the fall online if that's the case. We go through A LOT of garlic around here... THANKS!

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plant between halloween and Thanksgiving (or before the ground freezes). Never plant in spring as the garlic must do all of it's root growth before the vernal equinox and of you plant after that, you will get much smaller corms. The best place to get seed garlic is at your local farmers market. the corms will be acclimated to the local conditions and usually much cheaper than the $20 to $40 a pound you pay for seed garlic (plus shipping). I know there is at least one farm around K-zoo doing garlic.

Awesome! Thanks :) There's Toledo Farmer's Market and Blissfield Main Street Market nearby. I'll ask around for seed garlic.




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