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When to Plant? Conflicting Advice... 2 Replies

I'd like to try growing some of my own garlic, but I've read many various conflicting pieces of advice.  I'm in SE Michigan in ZONE 5. I've noticed all of our stores carry garlic bulbs in the spring,…Continue

Tags: planting, bulbs, garlic, michigan, 5

Started by Carrie Seal-Stahl. Last reply by Carrie Seal-Stahl Jun 25, 2013.

What kinds do you Grow?

I grow German White, Persian Star, Chesnok Red, Purple Glazer and Music. Put in around 3500 last October and started harvesting 2 days ago

Started by Lucy Goodman Jul 1, 2011.

Preserving Garlic questions 1 Reply

Hello all garlic freaks.  I have a few questions about preserving garlic.One, Is there anything else to making garlic powder other than drying and grinding?  I made it once a long time ago and it…Continue

Tags: pickling, oil, packing, drying, dehydrating

Started by Torry. Last reply by Country Girl Apr 9, 2011.

Welcome to the Garlic Patch...

Garlicious greetings! Welcome to the garlic patch!  Pull up a lawn chair and feel free to sample the varieties, munch on the fresh tomato garlic pizza and pesto pasta...napkins are optional. Any and…Continue

Tags: garlic

Started by Country Girl Feb 23, 2011.

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Comment by Country Girl on March 28, 2011 at 5:32pm
Comment by Cari Dawes on March 29, 2011 at 1:52am

Morning to you! As i live in South Africa i had just planted my garlic for the year. I used 3 variety that i could find here namely the Giant garlic....yes i know not strictly a garlic, the Egyptian white and lastly the Egyptian pink. Would love to try any other if i could get some!


Comment by Country Girl on March 30, 2011 at 4:21pm

Garlicious greetings to Torry and Mudpies to Sticky Buns (luv that name!) Please help yourselves to the fresh garlic pesto dip over on the picnic table. Be sure to heap it high on the warm crusty italian bread next to it!

This is turning into a regular party ;o) lol...


Forgive me for being a rather lousy host of late,-- We were out of town for a week, then upon returning, promptly took ill for the next week. Just coming out to the garlic patch a few minutes this week...obviously have not consumed enough garlic to ward off the germs!!


Anywho--Cari has planted her garlic in South Africa recently--which sounds WAYYY more exciting than planting it in southwest virginia! I'd love to learn your techniques-if there any unique to your area-anything you'd like to share would be most interesting, I'm sure. I've never had Egyptian garlic- it sounds delicious and quite pretty. We had fun growing Transylvanian garlic one season, hoping for a big batch of anti-vampire garlic ;o), but it didn't like our soil when we lived in New York, so it fizzled out. I am sure the vampire population was much relieved ;o)...

Must run...cheers to all!! Thanks for visiting!!!

Comment by Country Girl on April 8, 2011 at 10:05am

WELCOME Tory and Matthew !!! Try some of this roasted garlic smushed on fire roasted tomato tricuits-it's deelish!! ....Good to see we are growing as a micro community.

Yesterday, we just checked on our garlic patch-all 16,000-18,000 of them-but who's counting?!! They are doing great. The German Red and the Music are up about 8inches, looking really strong with great leave formation. We put in about 13 new varities this year, that all seem to have faired well through the winter-not losing any, so that's exciting. The newbies are about 6 inches up. In last place is the slow Elephant garlic, just about 2-3 inches up, but it's in no hurry. Big wind storms this winter blew away some of our straw covering that is important in weed prevention, so at some point we will have to top dress again, carefully around the shoots. Weeding is something you want to avoid, so next year, our plan is to rent one of those hay spreading machines, which takes an entire bale into it, muches it up and sprays out finely chopped hay wherever you aim the giant hose. We are thinking this will be a much more effective coverage with densely knit pieces as opposed to long fluffy pieces of hay that the wind can grab more easily. We shall see!! We have used grass clippings in the past...in spots....honestly I can't recall any hinderance in growth because of grass as a weed mulch, so...as long as it is "clean organic" grass, and not grass that's been treated with lawn fertilizers, etc...mulched leaves were used in our first year...no issues with that either. I must add that we have never had a wet year-and surely there could be fungal concerns with leaves being too wet, etc., so ...must just be on top of those kinds of things and adjust accordingly.


Hope everyone's garlic babies are doing well...Is anyone else out there into big quantities? Let me know the sizes of what you have planted...


Anyone want to share their favorite garlic recipe?? Don't be shy now--have at it!! I am in a garlicious mood today...I am thinking something with mozerella and fresh basil and diced grape tomatoes....and crusty bread, olive oil....is it lunch time yet????


Have a great weekend everybody!! TGIF!!!

Cheers to you all!! :o)

Comment by Angie Thomas on April 15, 2011 at 10:26am
My garlic is starting to poke out of the snow!!!
Comment by Country Girl on June 15, 2011 at 11:53am

Hola peeps!


Apologies for my lack of tending to the virtual patch here!! Springtime illnesses and computer crashing have had us behind the ball lately. But we can't let a few weeds get in our way!


Here in southwest Virginia, the scapes have all been snapped off and we are getting ready to pull most of our 26 varieties this coming weekend! Time to roll up the sleeves and get ready to play in the dirt.


For any of you that aren't familiar with the scapes-those are the pig tail curly- ques that shoot out of the center of the garlic plant. Snapping those off sends more growth energy back to the size of the bulb, rather than sending energy into flower production, which is where the scape is headed. It's always nice to let a few scapes go into flower, just because they are quite a pretty sight. The flower heads are like magical fairy wands with a mass of stars in a giant ball at the end of the *stick*. Quite fun for the kiddies to cast spells, when they have completely dried. They last forever in an arrangement and are not too overpowering in their scent.


About an hour away from us, I understand that there is some demand from asian restaurants, who want the scapes to cook with in their cuisine. Lending a slight garlicly taste that's very mild, the bright green of the scape performs great in a stirfry. I was informed the restaurants were offering 2.60 a pound for the scapes, and would take them by the plastic garbage bag full -they weren't picky! Since scape season is quite short, you can harvest them yourself and chop them up and store them in the freezer for future use. Or, if scapes aren't for you, they can go in the compost heap just as easily.


Hopefully we will have a nice dry weekend and pulling wil go smoothly. Our chosen method of drying the garlic is by hanging it in bundles in a large shed, we are about to outgrow! Previous years we used wooden drying racks my husband built himself, which worked great for the smaller sized crops we had in the past. At the qualtity we have now, there's not enough room for racking. A giant ball of food freindly twine later, we'll be looking up at a garlic canopy, surely to send us home in search of a delicious garlic fest dinner that evening, after smelling it all day long!


On a funny side note: In reference to clothing and garlic *juice* saturation in fabric: I save all garlic harvest clothing to wash together in the least offensive scented laundry detergent I can find, for the simple reason that my usual unscented detergent doesn't always get the garlic scent out of the clothing. Tis not very pleasant to pull out "clean clothes" that ALL have that garlic scent on them. Therefore, they get their own laundering and on the heavy duty cycle with something to help get the scent out. As much as I LOVE the smell of garlic, I can honestly say I don't want my wardrobe and my body to smell like it all day!


And finally, last but not least, welcome to all the new garlic folks who have stopped by while I was *out to lunch* ;o) Hope this finds everyone enjoying Springtime and the forthcoming harvest of some garlicious garlic to kick off the beginning of another bountiful season of Mother Earth's blessings!


Waving wildly from the garlic patch!


Country Girl...(for now, as my husband informs me I must change my name to Garlic Diva!) lol

Comment by Country Girl on June 22, 2011 at 9:38am
Rain came...no harvest this past weekend....Boooo....But, that's okay. We needed the rain. Will try again this weekend...crossing our fingers, legs, eyes, etc., ;o)
Comment by Christene on June 23, 2011 at 7:06am
Garlic trouble - very new to this I planted my garlic this spring - I have been haring you should do this in the fall.  So what do I do now.
Comment by Lucy Goodman on July 1, 2011 at 11:21am
Christene, harvest you garlic in the fall-it will be smaller than over wintered garlic but usable
Comment by Country Girl on July 8, 2011 at 11:34am
While I have never planted garlic in the spring, due to where we have lived, people do also plant in Spring and harvest in fall...I believe the result is just smaller sizes, as it has not gone through the dormancy period, and hasn't had the cold shock bulbs like to have...seems to me you can pull your garlic after it's done its thing this summer and let it dry and then prepare your beds for planting in the fall and put it to bed for the winter and plan on harvesting around june/july. Keep your garlic weeded well to help bulk up the size, so it's not competing with the weeds for nutrients from the soil.


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