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Well I have started my winter garden. I've got tomatoes, cucumbers, greenbeans, and wax beans. I also have some carrots and lettuce that needs to get started. And I just got my key lime tree in the mail yesterday. Can't wait for that to start producing.

I've also been thinking about trying my hand and growing a grape vine in the house too. That should be fun.

But I still have a ton to do. I got some fencing and I'm working on makin a trellace for the plants to climb instead of cages. And about a million other projects on my plate. lol

Anyone else do any container gardening during the winter?

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Curious where you ordered your key lime tree from?

My tomato plant was grown in a container. Can I just move it indoors for the winter? Will it keep producing? Do I need to do anything special once it is inside?

I got the tree from Larry's Orchids & Tropicals through amazon.  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0098MEAK2/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i00

It's actually a dwarf tree, so it should be perfect for growing in an apartment.


The tomato plant will continue to produce, but you will have to keep fertilizing it and put it under grow lights. Flourescents will work, sort of. You need to be able to produce a lot of lumens for the plant to be able to actually photosynthesize. I have all of my plants under a high pressure sodium light. I also have them all on the foxfarms fertilizers. Time will tell if they do good on that or not.


Heres some pics of my new plants.

 The new sprouts


Japanese Wisteria

Dwarf Key Lime tree





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