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I started sewing in High School when I made part of my prom dress. Over the years I started working with costuming - mainly renaissance faire clothes and Halloween costumes. I then graduated to making custom corsets. I've also made a few fashion pieces and I made my wedding dress, part of my husband's wedding ensemble (jacket and vest) and my stepson's kilt for the wedding. I also made my mom's Mother-of-the-Bride dress. That was really the last major sewing I've done though.


I'm completely self taught - never taken a sewing class. I make all my own patterns too. I've taught myself how to draft patterns and also how to drape patterns. Here are some of the things I've made:


I made the red shirt


I made her pink fleece hoodie, but she's pulled out some of the seams. Dog clothes are a completely different animal than people clothes. For one you can't take good measurements because they wiggle too much.


I made my wedding dress and my husband's jacket (and vest, though it's not visible)


Better photos of his jacket




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I am self taught. And not good at it. lol I've sewn a few costumes for my boys, and most recently for an art doll I made.

That's adorable!
You would think that since my Grandmother was a Master Seamstress who both worked in a men's tailor shop sewing suits & as a supervisor in a clothing factory that I would have inherited the sewing gene. Ah no didn't happen at least to the extent that anyone could say that I am her granddaughter. Did I mention that she also sewed all of her daughter's wedding dresses and bridemaids outfits.
Still have the layette she sewed for my first child 30 years ago. I have sewed a few basic sun dresses for myself, lined pleated drapes using the interfacing do hicky, & recovered a couch. Have a whole new admiration for anyone who does upholstery. Now I mostly mend & repurpose items.
Your dress looks amazing! I wish I could sew like that. I'm fairly new to sewing, I've only made a pair of shorts and started making curtains for my apartment.

I just happened upon this thread, and I have to say, the fitting work on that dress is AMAZING. WOW. 



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