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Any one know what they are and how they effect vegetable gardens?

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LADWP has details about their mandatory water conservation measures/rates here:

As for laws in the City - no lawn watering between 9am and 4pm, and for no longer than 15 minutes. It also prohibits washing down concrete surfaces or washing a vehicle without a trigger nozzle.

In short, I don't see anything specifically prohibiting watering of gardens, but I'd not make a big show of doing it with inefficient sprinklers or taking a prolonged time about it. Your garden plants will likely do best with a low profile watering technique anyhow, and often will do best with an evening/early morning dose anyway so they have time to soak it up. Definitely consider mulching to help prevent excessive evaporation.
I was wondering that, too. Perhaps they're making a distinction between watering landscaping and watering gardens grown for food? I can't imagine they'd enforce the Monday/Thursday rule on you if you're just trying to keep your tomatoes alive.




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