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Looking for some Chicken Hobby in Oregon.Continue

Started by Carol Hansen Jan 22, 2012.

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Comment by Carol Hansen on January 22, 2012 at 5:29pm

My name is Carol, I am going to share my love of chicken with you. No not fry-ed chicken, pet chickens. You may not know that they make wonderful pets. We had a lot of hens at one time, the town where I  lived made us get rid of them. We raised them by hand, put up a swimming pool so they could lay next to it in the hot sun. They would come when we called them and jump into my lap to get its of food. They followed me around the yard as I worked in the garden. Scratching at the ground eating bugs and grass. When the cherry tree dropped their fruit th chickens where ready to eat them all up so none went to waste. I cryed the day we gave them away, and many days after. One hen named Hennie Pennie, did not want to leave so she ran and hide under the barn where no one could get her.
    I hand raised a Nankin Bantam rooster named Rooster Tooster to be a friend to my loney hen. He would find food for the hen and do a funny clucking and dance to bring her to dinner, he walked around the whole yard with her never leaving her side, keeping her safe this was his job. When the hen had gone to bed in her coop, I would call him and in he would run chucking and prancing in to the house. He enjoyed coming in the house to visit. I would fix him a bit of peanut butter on a spoon to eat,  he would jump in my lap and eat it right out of the spoon.
   Then he would  climb up on my shoulders and root around in my hair, sometimes he would just sit and take a nap covered in my long blond hair. Other times he would do a courting dance around my head! Courting dance is when they drop one wing, feather up on their neck and prance around a hen making a chucking sound, turning one way and then the other. You may ask why a chicken would do a courting dance with a person, well I was part of his folk I hand raised him as a loney baby chick.

Hennie Pennie would give us wonderful brown egg each day. She was very proud of this after laying an egg she would give out a loud chucking call to tell all who where listening that she had layed an egg. Rooster Tooster would be waiting out side the coop for her to come out. Then when I opened the gate they both came out running Rooster Tooster was about 2 pounds Bantam Chicken, Hennie Pennie was a five pound Road Island Red what funny pair to see. They both loved to be around people, the most valuable thing they ever gave me was joy. I hope one day you will also know this joy.



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