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Here is the challenge. You have 1 sq. acre. Approximately 45 ft. x 30 ft. is taken up by a home. (1350 sq. ft.)

That leaves 42,210 sq. ft in which to do something with. 

What would you do with just over 42,000 square feet?

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Just joined and saw this post.

We live on .78 acre with a 2200 sq. ft. home taking up the majority of that, a 10x12 building and a chicken coop on the property also.  We are growing vegetables above ground in tables, straw bales and the rounds that you fashion from chicken wire.  We're originally from WV and the soil there seems to be much richer and easier to work with than here in NC.  So, we figured with that in mind and the limited space we have, these were our best options.  Hope this helps you!  Have a Blessed day!

There are some really good books at the library & I found some at the Tractor supply yesterday that have countless ideas on square ft. gardening and other micro-farming ideas. Do you want to focus primarily on plants or is your interest in livestock? My first goal is to set up my long-term perenials and start my seeds for the garden this winter. Hopefully we can have a chicken house by spring.



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