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I I have a lot to learn about gardening in WNC having come from South Louisiana which is a semitropical climate.  One thing I am learning is not to be too impatient about getting the garden started in the spring.  Wait until it warms up a bit or with many vegetables you are just spinning your wheels.  I had to replant corn and beans due to lack of germination from planting too early.


Also what I have noticed is how each year is so different.  Two years ago was the long severe drought.  I spent my summer trying to keep my garden watered from the almost dried up stream since I have no other water source.  I finally gave up towards the end of the summer when the stream went dry.

Last year seemed good.  The beans were prolific and would not quit producing.  The tomatoes did well too except for late blight and end rot.  Insects were not a problem. 

This year it's insects galore.  Since I have not watered my garden except for once last week, I spend most of my time picking Potato beetles off of my potatoes and tomatoes and now Japanese Beetles off of everything.  I started using Neem Oil to try to get the upper hand and have resorted to Rotenone and Pyrethrum.  And it goes without saying I guess that the weeds are also having a great year.

Is anyone else having the bug infestation that I am having?

The photo is a huge squash, Delicata I believe, from some saved seeds. 


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