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i have posted my Final Design (along with all the other ridiculously copious writings on my own design process) up on the blog, on it's very own page


as i said before, it really wasn't that hard to pull together a "final" design after all the reading, research and assessment. and it feels really good to have it. so, even though spring is well upon y'all, i encourage you to take the final leap. or at least come back to it next winter. finishing the process was very gratifying (not to mention helpful!)

i'm hoping to write a post on the blog soon about the evolution of the "finalizing" process. (most interestingly the realization that it is not at all final...)

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Surprised that nobody has replied concerning your very detailed design summary. You have done a very thorough job with it. I am actually in awe that this is so well thought out.  Your Alaskan site,m even though its in the same hardiness zone as here, does have some unique challenges regarding soils and precipitation.  Bryce Ruddock

thanks Bryce!! i think everyone is just too busy with spring mania, no one has time to read an 80 page treatise on someone else's yard.... ;)
i can understand. my first order of 23 chicks just arrived, three weeks earlier than i had been expecting! time to get doing.
hey, anything stick out to you that i missed? or ideas?




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