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Well, it's that time of year again!  My seed catalogs have been coming in and I am really itching to get to some gardening.  Here in NC the winter blues haven't really set in as we've seen very mild temps this winter, and are still getting in plenty of greens.  But what to do until my days are filled with not much else but the garden?  I know, let's have a seed swap!

If you've participated in the past, we'll use the same format.  If you're new, this is how it goes:  Leave a comment on this discussion like "I'm in!" or "HolyCheezeWhizzMonkeytails this is the bestest idea to ever spring forth from all of human creation" or "eh, sure, I'll try anything once."  Include your hardiness zone.  I will compile the list and assign trading partners.  Cut off date will be the end of February.  When I publish the list (on this discussion board) contact your trading partner with private message and arrange the details of your swap.  



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Here is a link to the new hardiness zones map.

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Im new here.   Is it too late to join the 2012 seedswap here? diana

Nope, You're in!


Im new here.   Is it too late to join the 2012 seedswap here? diana

OK This week has been a hell week at the park, I will finish up swapping partners list sometime this week, probably during the slow night hours.

I'm in! Master Gardener in the low desert

Looking for "nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, edible bulbs & flowers too". Prefer organically grown, no hybrids please. heirlooms, YES! Oops forgot vines. Looking for "butternut" fresh raw nuts and/or a start or two.

First time at this thing called "discussion".  Someone jump in & gently direct me if I am doing this incorrectly.  Thank you.

Actually I don't know if I am suppose to wait for a response now- will wait a few more minutes & then leave this website & check back later. 

Computers are not my forte! OBVIOUSLY

OK, I haven't forgotten about you, my zazzers!  Here is your swap partner, just send a private message on what you have to trade and how to go about trading it!

Lynda Reynolds & Jen Garrison

Dawnielle Callaway Westermann & a. ka

Cornelia & doug anderson

Jennifer & Caroline Malcolm

Jen & Nicole

Rachel Hanoka & Jessica

Let me know if you have any questions.  As always, I appreciate feedback on how this went, it's all based on honor system and participation so let me know about any glitches.  






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