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Hi everyone! Just joined this group and trying to get more involved in the Homegrown community after being a member here for over a year!

We're actually downsizing in a BIG way this year after having over 1000 sq. foot community garden space in previous years. We have no land of our own so all we will have this year is the ability to container garden on our deck (we're on the second floor). After having so much room to grow whatever we want in years past, I'm having a hard time cutting down the number of things we can grow this year.

We definitely want to grow tomatoes and peppers this year. We won't have 25 tomato plants anymore but at least we'll be able to have some. My question is about peas. We've always done pole peas but I'm not sure how to do that in a container. Or are there bush peas that might grow better instead? We only grow heirloom varieties.



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Hi Chelle - so happy to see you! I'm eager to hear people's response to your question, because I have very limited in-ground growing space, too.

Peas do fine in pots. Just add a trellis for them to climb, just as you would with tomatoes.  The Dervaes just posted a picture of peas-in-pots today... http://urbanhomestead.org/journal/?p=28105

Thank you!




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