Lauren Klouda


Berea, OH

United States

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Suburban Farmer
A bit about me:
I am a stay at home mom with a 1/2 acre in the suburbs. We have chickens, rabbits, dogs, and a cat. We hunt, fish, and grow a lot of food. I want to live intentionally, find happiness in what I have, bring something positive to the table, find time to be creative, and be a good friend, wife, daughter, mother, etc. I love to learn and I am always reading "how to" books. Non-fiction has been my favorite since a little girl. I hate ketchup but I like salsa. I wish I was a writer, but I am not sure why. I never make my bed but I plan on starting and I would rather stay up late and sleep in. The cold and dark combined paralyze me. My favorite season is summer.
Latest greatest meal cooked at home:
A mean venison chili is a family favorite.
Currently reading:
Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning, The Body Ecology Diet, a bunch of random magazines and baby books
Currently listening to:
The radio.
My latest DIY project:
Project home made green house from recycled materials. You can read about it on Two Blue Houses blog. This is just one of many DIY projects for the 2011 growing season. :)
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  • Cornelia

    Hi Lauren,

    Thank you SO much for sharing your useful and approachable skillshares! Your point about turning new people on to these skills is EXACTLY the kind of thing I'm trying to create more of here. You've been such a wonderful addition to the site - thank you for your contributions. :)