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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you guys and why did you start this site?

Farm Aid founded HOMEGROWN.org with the mission of creating a place where our love for food and the land can evolve, deepen, and become something more fulfilling. A place where we can hear and appreciate the bigger stories that our food has to share. A place where we can connect to the sources of our food: the land, the seeds, the bounty, the cycles of nature, and the family farmer. Where we can see the connections between good soil, good growers, good taste, and good times. Where the source of our food doesn’t feel like a stranger, but a fun and friendly neighbor. Where people are growing it, brewing it, preserving it, baking it, fermenting it, and building it themselves. HOMEGROWN.org is a place where we can learn from each other, share our questions, and show off how we dig in the dirt, grow our own food, work with our hands, and cook and share our meals—all things that we call HOMEGROWN. If you’d like to reach us, you can contact the HOMEGROWN manager, Emily, by sending her a message through the site or by emailing her at emily at farmaid dot org.

I'm new here. Where do I start?
Check out the welcome page. And welcome!

How do I communicate with other members?
Good question. There are a few ways. You can post a blog post as part of our member blog, The Stew. If you've got a question for everyone, you can ask it by starting a new Discussion; the "Add" button is near the top right of the Discussions page. If you have a more targeted question, you can join a relevant Group and ask it there. You can also email any individual or selected group of your friends, and you can comment on your friends’ pages. How's that for communication?

How do I know if my friends are already on HOMEGROWN.org?
The basic search on the Members page lets you search for folks by name. The advanced search lets you search by name, interest, and location. You can browse Groups to find folks in your area or who share a given interest (e.g. HOMEGROWN Texans or Earth Mamas and Papas). Feeling frisky? You can also search for random words and see who shows up.

What is this “My Page” all about?
Your page is your chance to tell others about yourself and your interests. Don't be shy about updating your page—especially “latest greatest meal cooked at home” and “my latest DIY project.” Pretty much everyone on HOMEGROWN is always ready to talk food.

What's the deal with the blogs?
HOMEGROWN hosts two blogs; you can read about them here. From your own page, you can add posts to the member blog, The Stew, (you can also do that here or here) or you can link to an existing offsite blog. To link to an outside blog, simply click the RSS button at the very bottom of your page and enter the URL of the site.

What's up with my friends?
Ask them! Click on your friends’ pages every once in while to see what’s new on their pages. Add a comment, invite them to join a group or a discussion, maybe even get to know their friends. It’s just like the kindergarten sandbox but with better soil!

What if I want to add photos or videos without posting a blog post?
Do it to it. You can add photos here or click the "Add" button near the top right of the Photos page. (If you want to get fancy, you can even file your photos into albums; add a new album here or click the "Add" button near the top right of the Albums page.) Same goes for videos. Upload them here or click the "Add" button near the top right of the Videos page.

What if I have a question? A comment? A suggestion? What if I want to get involved? Is anyone even listening to me?
Email Emily, the HOMEGROWN manager, at emily at farmaid dot org.



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