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Welcome to What’s In …, a new feature offering a peek inside HOMEGROWN members’ pantries, fridges, root cellars, and more. This week Anne, the blogger extraordinaire behind Food Retro, shares her corner cabinet and baking shelf. “There’s a funny story about this spice rack,” she writes. “It got retweeted by Chef Michael Smith, to boot. I've also got a dark pantry where I stash much of my unseen bulk packaging and sensitive stuff. And I've got so many unopened flour packages because I'm embarking on whole-grain breads soon.” We look forward to hearing how it goes. Got a question for Anne—or want to volunteer your food storage for a future installment? Post a comment below!

1. CORNER CABINET, TOP SHELF: Cocoa powder, photo props, and large bowls.

2. CORNER CABINET, SECOND SHELF: “Almost all of my sweeteners: Sucanat, icing sugar, brown sugar, palm sugar, vanilla sugar, brown rice syrup, molasses, unpasteurized liquid honey, raw honey, creamed honey. Also, dried fruit and nuts, some homemade: raisins, pineapple, banana chips, dried apples, coconut (shredded and chip), almonds, and pecans. Plus, cacao paste and butter and coconut oil.” TRY IT YOURSELF: Make your own natural sweetener with Jackie’s Apple Molasses 101 and your own vanilla sugar following the recipe in Anne’s Cronut 101.

3. CORNER CABINET, THIRD SHELF: “Herb blends; spice mixes; pure spices; pure herbs; flavorful seeds (poppy, caraway, fennel, mustard); dried, minced, or powdered aromatics (garlic and onions); extracts; and vanilla beans.” TRY IT YOURSELF: Steep your own extracts with Black Cat Cottage’s Homemade Extracts 101 and dry your own spices using John’s Dehydrating 101.

4. CORNER CABINET, FOURTH SHELF: “My coarse salt tub, small grains and beans (barley, steel-cut oats, quinoa, wild rice, brown rice, chickpeas), baking goods (baking soda, yeast, baking powder), corn starch, dried pasta, vinegars (cider, organic white, and rice), light olive oil, wood smoke, sesame oil, nutritional yeast, and sesame seeds.”

5. BAKER’S RACK, TOP SHELF: “Tapioca flour, whole and all-purpose spelt, granulated organic (golden) sugar, quinoa pasta, homemade instant oatmeal, and coconut flour.”

6. BAKER’S RACK, SECOND SHELF: “Whole wheat, all-purpose, buckwheat, amaranth, rye, and millet flours.”

7. BAKER’S RACK, THIRD SHELF: “White bread flour, rolled gluten-free oats, xanthan gum, vital gluten, and oat and wheat bran.”

8. BAKER’S RACK, BOTTOM SHELF: “Cooking wine, salvaged bottles for various projects, and the rest of the sack of bread flour. I buy it 10kg at a time.” TRY IT YOURSELF: Upcycle your empties using Andrea’s Wine Bottle Wind Chimes 101.

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