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At 11:45pm on April 21, 2009, Willi said…
Hi Tracey,

I don't think that the pine needles should be a problem, as they actually don't change the pH of soil too much. My concern would be if the potatoes get enough sun if they are growing under a tree. They need at least six hours of bright light a day. You could try doing a pH test with one of the little DIY tests that they sell at hardware stores to see if you need to add lime or not. Let me know if you have any more questions!


At 1:05pm on May 1, 2009, georgia schweyer said…
Hi Tracey
I'm glad you liked the photos. The majority of the pictures were taken in our back yard when we lived in Ketchikan Alaska last year. It was a great adventure, I feel so blessed to have experienced such an oppertunity.
But, after a year in a half, I guess I was ready to come home, the inner urge to garden over ruled the fishing. Although I will miss the big salmon runs they will have this year. My 11 year old son and I, are already starting to have Fish Withdrawels, dang.

I hope to have some new updated pictures from around the home this new month of May. We have 2 ft of snow right now, it's making gardening impossible, fluke spring snow storm, for sure...
Some of the pictures were taken after we got home last Sept. We take the guns to target practise & golf clubs and balls and hit them off the top of Old Smokey, it's a great getta way for the day.
About that ranch dressing ? It's not all completely home made, I just cheat alittle & add a twist to it. The goal is to make it taste as fresh as the fresh veggies from my garden. You would think that I pick it from my little "Ranch Dressing Tree" growing out here in my back yard, tee...hee... It harmonizes so well with a fresh garden salad, or even store bought, if you wanta kick it up a notch. And, it cuts out alot of fat and calories.
You need one packet of powderd ranch dressing mix, and dont mix it according to thier dirrections, mix it this way>>> A half cup of mayo, one cup of your favorite sour cream, start with a half cup of milk, a half of a fresh lemon squeezed, ad the lemon last. a quarter teaspoon of fresh dried dill weed.
Wisk it all together, ad more milk to achieve your desired thickness of the dressing. Then ad some sea salt or kosher and fresh cracked peppercorn according to your taste. Take the other half of the lemon and squeeze it over the salad, watch out for seeds. Sprinkle some dill weed over those greens to, toss and enjoy.
Just experiment with it, you'll get it down to your desired taste.
Personally, my daughter and I are lemon and dill freaks ! We have to watch ourselves on these 2 ingredients. It can be to over whelming for some people.
Enjoy~ thank you for your nice compliments Tracey, have a great day.
Sincerely Georgia
At 12:48pm on May 11, 2009, georgia schweyer said…
Hi Tracey
Finally getting back to yah. Sounds like a real deal to get free plants, I hope you got alot of them. My daughter lives in Auburn Wa.
I lived half my life in Snoqualmie when I was growing up, small world hey ? It rained alot more over there in the 70's and 80's then it does now.
I came through there last September on our way back from Ak. The weather is alot different there then here in GreatFalls to. We get alot more cold & snow in the winter and heat in the summer.
So, how is your garden going right now ? I bet it's coming along real nice, you sound like you are really into it, and what a nice land lord to let you garden in the big yard, cool..... you go girl !
My yard is pretty torn up right now. I'm taking before and after pictures that I'll post later this year.
I have atleast a 100 seeds that I have started inside, they're waiting to be planted outside. Had so many I put some in pots, it's gonna be neat when everything kicks off, we are having such a late spring this year.
I have some rare Cantalope that I have started. The seed is from 1969 and it grows. They are the size of a grapefruit and very sweet tasting.
Never heard or seen a cantalope like that till now, have you, or maybe thats just the way they grow in Montana ?
I'll see how they do this year, maybe they will get bigger ?
If not, maybe I will post a blog and see if any body knows about these little minature cantalopes.
Hey, you have a great day, have fun keeping that thumb green......
At 11:24am on May 14, 2009, georgia schweyer said…
Hi Tracey
Sounds like your garden is growing well. As for those beets ? They are always stubborn to peek through last it seems, along with carrots.
I have a trick to wake their dorment, rear~ends up. I will post a blog about it.
Small world to, I have friends over in Monroe also.
I will check out that site you sent me, thank you !
Glad to hear that you are working also, it helps, cuts down on the stress of financial worry, oh I hate that.
Even though I am a stay at home Mom, that steady flow of income makes the life alot happier. Well, when my husband is layed off, atleast I have the extra help to get things caught up around here. Our renters trashed our home and property, the year in a half we were in Ak. So it's been a real challenge to get things put back together and up and running. We are getting it though, slowly but surely.
Well, I will put that blog on here. As for old seeds ? I think thats Poppy Cock ! If it's not dried out, and crumbles to dust with a simple squeeze test between the fingers, then it will grow. So you go girl and have a great day......
At 5:47am on September 10, 2009, georgia schweyer said…
Hi Tracey
I hope you have had as wonderful season of gardening as I have.
I Have been so busy this summer, it's been great !
I enjoyed your new photos to.
At 12:41pm on October 1, 2009, georgia schweyer said…
Hi Tracey
Nice to hear that you had a fruitful year of gardening also, thats great !
Oh, you are so lucky to have grapes to harvest ! Thats one thing I dont have, that I miss so much when I was growing up, oh lucky you !
I was suppose to be given a whole bunch of strawberry plants this summer, but it fell through, and probably all for the best anyways, I was'nt quite prepared, so maybe next year ?
It's been a great 1st year back though. I think it's what I really needed to cheer me up, with everything going on in my life.
Summer has went to fast though, dont you agree ? I wish we could have a double season, atleast just once.
But yepper, Fall is definitely here. It's heading for the 30's starting this week, dang ! I will cover what I can, the rest will be history.
But I have alot to do this Fall anyways. Like making some new beds to plant in next year. It was pretty hot this year, I cant take the heat like I use to. So I will do my landscaping in the cooler weather.
I grew a bunch of Tomatillo this year, did'nt think they would grow here, I was wrong ! They sure are a hardy plant, very delicious when vine ripend and eaten off the vine. So that was a new experience for me.
I guess you could say I had alot of suprises in the garden this year.
Years ago my sister sent me Hubbard squash seeds, thats what it said on the envelope anyways. They turned out to be a mystery squash, nobody knew what they were. I looked them up on the internet and they are Butternut, they look like a Turben squash. But I have yet to try them, I look forward to it real soon though.
Oh...what a wonderful year, it's been great !
I am curious to know about your winter gardening this year. Please keep me informed as to how it goes, if you dont mind. I would love to learn about that kind of gardening.
It was great to hear from you Tracey~ Happy gardening
At 1:10pm on November 4, 2009, georgia schweyer said…
Hi Tracey
Good to hear from you and know that you are doing well.
Yep, sounds like you are real busy with school.
Have to make a correction about that Butternut squash, it was a " Turban" after all and it was... delicious ! Another one of those garden suprises this year.
Alls about well here, saved a bunch of seed, got all my canning done, winter butchering of rabbits, but late on hunting this year. Our 12 year old son broke his arm 2 weeks ago in Football. Broke it in the shoulder, in the ball of the bone where it sets in the growth cup, a serious brake ! He had to have surgery, they had to move the arm, reset it, then put 5 pins in to hold it in place untill he gets some bone growth, then they will take the pins out. So far so good, he is mending, thank God !
But... he will be lucky to hunt the last week of the season, this will be his 1st year of hunting, he took the hunter safety class earlier in the year just for this occasion, so he is pretty bummed right now, so is Dad, they had a big hunting trip planned.
So... I suppose the hunting & processing thing will just have to come a little bit later in the season this year.
Iv'e been doing alot of leaf collecting for compost, finishing up some odds and ends projects around the house, keeping myself busy, it's a good thing.
Okay~ I will talk with you more abit later, my little book worm !

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