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House Saving Plan: Start with energy

Being a homeowner is about more than being able to purchase a house. It is about being able to pay all the dues that home brings as well as being able to make it into a habitable place. Now what all these factors have in common is that they require a substantial financial investments as well as a lot of work and effort. The first step towards improving all of these aspects lies in improving the energetic situation in your home. Here are some ideas of how to achieve this.…


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Is recycling water plumbing safe?

Today, we live in a world in which even the most common, and most necessary resources are considered to be a luxury. For ages now, humanity has grown and prospered, but in this rapid, relentless and unstoppable progress, nobody remembered to consider at what cost, this leaps forward comes. Things that our ancestors took for granted for centuries, have now became scarce and invaluable, but it is exactly for this reason that today, we need to rationalize our exploitation of natural goods and…


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Home Invaders: Getting Rid of Household Pests

With the arrival of warmer days, many of us struggle with persistent and uninvited guests, namely ants, cockroaches and mice. They begin to collect the food for the winter, and our home is their favourite destination.


The cockroaches in your house gather in warm places near food sources and usually come out at…


Added by Sophie Andersen on June 11, 2015 at 7:00am — 3 Comments

The secret of Homemade Brewing

Although we live in time of great production and industrialization where every single product that we could possibly need we can find at a very affordable price, there are still some things that are best done by yourself. Beer also undergoes this general rule. Today, you can find almost any beer virtually anywhere and at a very affordable price still; there is no man alive who hasn’t at least once dreamt about trying to brew his own beer.…


Added by Sophie Andersen on May 13, 2015 at 12:15pm — 2 Comments

Making your Own Urban Farm out of Shipping Container

In recent years, shipping containers have seen many second-hand applications. As almost ideal sustainable building resource, they have been modified into, office spaces, vacation homes, condos, and even bars and public libraries. Their corrugated steel construction makes them rugged, able to withstand vertical and horizontal forces, and their design makes them easy to stack one onto another or interlock at 90 degrees. All these characteristics make them ideal for…


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