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"Diet" is a dirty word

"DIET" is defined as:

1a : food and …


Added by Erin Mitchell on May 7, 2011 at 6:53pm — No Comments

Adding a "quarantine" pen to the coop

Today was the day for expanding the coop and adding a "quarantine" pen. Mostly its a stop bullying the chicks pen, lol. Its turning into a mansion for the chooks. The hubby is taking time to put in doors for the quarantine pen. It'll be really nice to not have to climb over the fence to let them out :) This is the whole pen.



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Music project in NY




Tho I know this website is for gardening, homespun stuff, and the like. Music is an amazing glue holding us all together. At least look at the site please. I went to school with Colin, he's an amazing pianist! He's on youtube as…


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The chooks next door...

Good morning kids!


Well, I was unable to sleep with the thunder and the dogs going nuts. Funny thing is, the menfolk are sleeping like logs. So at this point I get alone time with coffee and Netflix, yay! The tomatoes will love all the rain, lets see if they will actually stand in it.


We started a trend with the keeping of chickens, lol. Our neighbor brought home a pair (not sure what kind,  but pretty) and the roo has taken it into his head to crow at all…


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Counting blessings

So, first: I got 2 family recipes from my grandparents in-law this last weekend! I'm SO excited! jEspecially since my step-mother-in-law said I couldn't get a family recipe till I was in the family for 15 years (I've been with my hubby for 5 and no one likes my step-mother-in-law, hehehe)


Second: it looks like we have two different varieties of Americaunas! A red brown and a silver.


Third: We have SO many hot peppers and tomatoes coming in that we'll have them…


Added by Erin Mitchell on April 21, 2011 at 4:19pm — 3 Comments

Florida Food Stamps

I found out over the weekend that Floridas food stamp program pays for food plants! Isn't it funny what is and isn't on the list of stuff the program covers?

Added by Erin Mitchell on March 28, 2011 at 11:08am — No Comments



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