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     I can remember the first time I ever played with dirt.  My brother and I dug a huge hole in our parents backyard and I remember climbing into this hole.  I also  remember how scorching hot it was outside since it was mid summer in Phoenix, but I also  remember how cool it felt in this excavation of mammoth proportions. So while I was down in this hole, I just kept digging.  And now many years  I'm still digging.  I'm not sure if it is a genetic predisposition to want to garden and dig regularly, but I can say I am thankful to my parents for always allowing us to explore and dream.  I did that a lot as a youngster much to the consternation of my instructors.  So I'm all growd-up now, with a flourishing business, two little boys of my own which I encourage to explore regularly.  I think in the 21 st century,  I am helping my kids get back to some basic ideas that were quite prevelant in the depression.  I wasn't in the depression, but you know with this internet, you can find a lot of information.  So it all started with a front yard victory garden.  Our love for gardening has fostered a  sense of community with our neighbors.  My next door neighbor built a front yard garden and another neighbor did as well.  We now share ideas and seeds and food.  We have become seed pimps!  We believe non genetically modified  seeds  are the focal point to growing the best of everything we can.  Of course the soil is where all this begins.  We have a compost pile the size of Mount Rushmore, and continually add compost and grass clippings as a mulch to help keep soil cool and retain as much moisture as possible.  It can get insanely hot here in Phoenix and without any shade the growing season is over usually in late June.  There are some things that do well like eggplant and basil, but most everything we grow will perish from the intense heat.  It is a little watching the cherokee purples' wilt to a brown twig.  Until next season my little friends.  So where was I going with all of my rambling?  I guess it's back to basics.  A few chickens, some great vegetables, a real sense of food security.  No pesticides or poisin of any kind. Knowing my boys are ingesting only the best produce available anywhere in the world.  A sense of balance with our lives.  We all have time, we just don't know how much we have.  So I guess living-it up in the now will be how I want my boys to live their lives.  No regrets boys.  Dream away, it is okay.  Because, I guess, in the end, we all end-up in a big hole surrounded by dirt.  Figuratively speaking!  So get out there world, dig a hole, play with dirt, grow a thing or two, chill with your neighbors, say adios to the fast lane, get in the slow lane with me,  and I promise not to flip-you-off for going to slow. Say no more to the military industrial complex, enough already.  Live and let live.  Say ciao to those pathetic credit card companies holding you hostage and bye to the interest payments that seem to enslave us.  It's time for a 21 st century world with great fava beans and some yummy roasted egg plant. Right, so, Live-it up world, Live-it-up!!!!! Until next time.  IHOR                

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Comment by Ihor Chopko on April 28, 2011 at 2:49pm


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