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Hello everyone. This year, with the encouragement and expertise of one of my nephews who has a truly green thumb, I planted a box more or less following the square foot gardening method.


It's a bad time of the year to plant but since I felt the impetus I went ahead with it. I made a box using reclaimed pine from a couple of construction site pallets and made the square foot gardening (SFG) mix: equal parts compost, peet moss, and perlite (no vermiculite in my area). The box is at my mother-in-law's house on a sunny, elevated patio, since we have a smallish balcony in our apartment which doesn't get much direct sunlight.

This is what I planted a little over 2 weeks ago:

red lettuce
butterhead lettuce
verbena flowers

The radishes and turnips were the first to sprout, followed by the lettuce, then spinach, basil and verbena; the parsley has yet to sprout. Weather here in Madrid can get cold but fall and winter is generally pretty mild even though it's roughly the same latitude as NYC.

I'm also making my own compost in a bucket, starting with bag compost, scrap veggies and fruit, dry leaves, etc. No worms yet but hope to get some to get the compost going.

I'm not expecting an overwhelming harvest but do hope to get something out of this, in terms of edibles and experience. That way I'll be ready to go bigger when spring rolls around.

I'm hoping to learn a lot here. If there's anyone in the vicinity (Madrid, Spain), please give a shout.

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Comment by Cornelia on October 28, 2008 at 9:39am
Welcome Miguel - I'd love to see some pictures of your square foot garden!
Comment by Miguel Marcos on October 28, 2008 at 12:05pm
Hi, Cornelia. Just posted a photo of my veggie garden 1 week after planting.


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