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3 Practical Tips to Improve Your Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

Maintaining a hardwood floor can be quite the challenge, but seeing the beautiful finish after all of your hard work can make all the hard work worth it. Whether you prefer to use hard floor sweeper or microfiber cloths, the way you use them, as well what products you decide to use, can impact the results of your cleaning efforts. 

Let’s take a look at three tips to make cleaning your hardwood floors a lot more effective:

1. Sweep Your Floor Every Week

Even if you are absolutely exhausted from work or chores, taking the time to sweep your floor at least once a week will give you a huge payoff. Dirt can build up quite quickly over time. According to Reader’s Digest, dust can act like sandpaper, wearing away at your wood floor the longer you let it sit there. 

It gets worse when you or your guests start walking around, spreading or even pushing the grit against the floor, making the chances of scratches much more likely. In addition to sweeping more regularly, try using a sweeper or a vacuum made out of a soft material, such as felt, to prevent adding, even more, scratches to your floor.

2. Don’t Leave Scuffs and Spills Unattended

Accidents like spilled beverages or little scuffs happen when we least expect it, but that doesn’t mean we should just leave them be. Ignoring these little boo-boos won’t make them go away, after all. Worse, they can actually cause more damage to your hardwood floor. 

According to Good Housekeeping, spills can not only make your floor’s finish look duller, but by also becoming a sticky magnet for more dirt. Once you see a spill, blot it with an absorbent cloth. If you find even the slightest scuff on the floor, try buffing it out using a cloth.

3. Try Not to Use Vinegar

Despite its popularity in the DIY community as a miracle cleaner, vinegar might not be the best option to use in every single case. According to Apartment Therapy, vinegar is an acid that can damage your hardwood floors. While it may work well with ceramic floors and linoleum floors that do not need waxing, vinegar can slowly eat away at the poly or wax coating on your wood floors. 

If you are not sure what cleaning product to use on your wood floor, water is usually safe to use as long as you do not use too much of it. Dumping too much water onto your floor can make the wood warp or split.

Now that you’ve learned a few new tricks, cleaning your hardwood floor should now be easier than ever before. With some tweaks to your usual process, you will find that you’ll start spending much less time sweeping, but will end up with much better results. After all, your hardwood floors are something you invested in for your home, so it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to care and maintain them in a much more efficient way.

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