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4 Eco-friendly Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bills This Summer

As summer approaches, many of us are dreading the upcoming electric bills. Because cooling a house requires so much energy, most of us will most likely experience an increase in our energy costs during the warmer months. Thankfully, there are ways to lower the financial burden by reducing the amount of energy we consume:

Plant some shade trees

Because a large majority of the heat entering your home comes in through the windows, it is important to block as much of the scorching daytime heat as possible. Even the best mad windows allow heat in so keeping them closed or only opening a couple of windows that allow for a cross breeze is recommended. You can also plant trees or bushes that reduce the amount of daytime heat that filters through.

Cool down with food

A great tasty treat that will keep your cool and refreshed this summer is homemade popsicles made with organic ingredients. Most importantly, the kids will love them. Use fruits with lots of water since they are especially hydrating and above all remember to drink lots of water.

Switch light bulbs

You should also consider swapping your traditional incandescent bulbs for the newer more energy efficient CFL or LED bulbs. These energy Star compliant light bulbs use up to 75 percent less energy and last 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs. In addition, the increase in consumer awareness of energy efficiency has prompted designers to turn to LED lighting a lot more making the switch to light emitting diode bulbs one of the kitchen and bath trends to watch this year.

Install a programmable thermostat

You probably don’t want to have your AC struggling to keep your house a frigid 65 degrees all day if you are going to be at work or out running errands. However, you also don’t want to come

home to a furnace either. This is doubly true if you have kids or pets that will be in doors all day.

With programmable thermostats, you can set them to automatically adjust the temperature in your home, up or down, by remote or at predetermined time an interval which consequently, reduces the amount of energy you use to cool your home. In addition, the newer Wi-Fi enabled thermostats allow you to use your smartphone to adjust your home’s heating and cooling when tied to a cloud-based web service like EnergyHub.

Make use of organic clothing and bedding

You’ll want to use organic fabrics for your clothing and bedding. Most of these fabrics are "breathable" and will draw moisture away from your skin. Also, be sure to close your blinds and shades during peak sunlight periods to keep the effects of the sun to a minimum.


In many parts of the country, the summer months result in some of the highest energy bills of the year. Many of us in some way dread the summer months for just that reason. I mean let’s be realistic, in today’s economy the choice between paying our electric bill on time and still having enough to put gas in the car for the rest of the pay period can be all too real for too many of us.

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Comment by Jennifer on April 25, 2013 at 4:03pm

Hey, Alexander: Thanks for sharing this. Love the organic clothes and bedding recommendation!


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