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The garden is the place where people with houses like to spend most of their free time. It's nice to have a garden where you can spend some time relaxing or taking care of different vegetables and fruits. Nowadays most people live such fast and full of stress lives, that it's actually nice to be able to spend some time in nature, even if it's only a few steps from your house. But every garden also requires lots of maintenance in order to look good and be safe for us and the ones close to us. There are many things, which exist only to be enemies to or backyards, and we are the only ones that can stop them from destroying everything we have worked for. The biggest enemy of every garden are the weeds. They can invade practically every yard, and they are very difficult to get rid of. Unless you're using these five handy ways to kill weeds, of course. They will help you get rid of this problem once and for all.

Bleach. The bleach is a very strong cleaning product, which practically removes all the colouring from the fabric, leaving the area white. But alongside this amazing quality, the bleach also turns out to be quite dangerous, because it can seriously damage more gentle fabrics and materials. But have you ever thought that bleach can be also used as a weed killing solution in the garden? I guess not. Well, it's true that if you pour some undiluted bleach on the weeds in your garden, they will eventually disappear for good. You just need to pour it over the weed, wait for a day or so for it to soak, and then remove it from the ground with its roots. They won't be coming back for a while. Just make sure the bleach doesn't get to your real plants, because it can easily destroy them too.

Borax. Borax is quite often used to clean different surfaces in your home. But it can also be used to get rid of all the unwanted weeds on your patio or driveway. You just need to sprinkle the borax all over the places you have noticed weeds to grow, and it will destroy them before they even develop new root systems. The borax can also be used as a natural bug repellent for your home. Just spread it all around the foundations of the house, and all the ants, spiders and the other creepy crawlers won't even get near your home from now on.

Bottles. All the handy ways to kill weeds, which are presented here, can also be quite dangerous to the other plants you grow in your garden, so you should be very careful. The best possible way to protect the plants which need protecting, is to use a plastic bottle. You just need to cut a bottle in half and place the top half over the weed you want to kill. Then you need to pour or spray the solution into the bottle. After the solution settles, you can pick up the bottle and move it to the next weed. This way your fruits, vegetables or flowers will be protected and the weeds will be gone for good all at the same time.

Carpet scraps. You have lots of weeds in your garden, and no matter how many times you remove them, they just keep growing up? Well, according to hedge trimming specialists, you should try to get rid of them once and for all by placing old carpet scraps on the ground. All you need to do is to place the carpet scraps upside down, cover them with some tree bark mulch or some straw, and all your weed problems will disappear.

Shower curtain. Just like with the old carpet, the old shower curtains can also be given another purpose in life. Just spread it on the ground and cover them with some mulch. The place will look naturally, but without the unpleasant weeds.

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