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5 Reasons Why Your Indoor Plant is Dying

Many people know that taking care of a plant is the first step to finding out if you're going to be able to take care of a child one day. Many people decide that the best way to find out if they're going to be good parents, is to buy an indoor plant of some kind and take care of it for a while. If the plant doesn't die, you can proceed to the next step. But taking care of a plant is not so easy as it seems. Most plants are quite pretentious and if they don't get all the needed living conditions, they will wither and die on you. This is why you should be very careful and observe your plant's needs, if you want to keep it alive for longer. To help you with this complicated task, here's a list of reasons why your indoor plant may be dying. Check it out and find if your reason is among them.

Humidity. The humidity is the first and most important factor which influences plant growth. As you know, every living thing needs water and food of some kind in order to live, grow and develop. But it's a fact, that some plants react seriously to the levels of humidity in the air. Some flowers like the high humidity, but most of them will rot and die in these conditions. And some plants prefer a drier atmosphere, but they will die if you put them in desert conditions. So, we can conclude, that each plant has its own preferences about the levels of humidity, and you need to check what are the preferences of your indoor plant.

Watering. The way you water your indoor plants may also have a very serious impact on their well being. And we all know how sometimes things go – we leave for a vacation or we're just too occupied at the moment, and before we even realise it, it's been weeks since we've last watered the plants. And, of course, they have all died without us noticing it. Well, if you don't want this to be just one more reason why your indoor plant is dying, I think you should make a strict schedule and write down the watering responsibility inside your calendar. This way you won't miss it. And please have in mind that while some flowers need to be watered every single day, most indoor plants don't need water so often.

Drainage. Watering is a very important part of taking care of a plant, but most people forget, that every flower pot also needs to have a drainage system, where all the excess water should go. Don't worry, it's not that complicated. You just need to make a few holes on the bottom of the pot. But if you forget to do so, your plant's roots won't have an air supply and they will rot after some time from the high humidity of the soil. You can also put some rocks or other material on the bottom of the pot, just for additional security.

Air and light. Just like you, your plant also needs air (or carbon dioxide in its case) and light in order to survive and develop. So, maybe the reason your indoor plant is dying is because it doesn't get enough of these things? Sometimes dying indoor plants are a sign that the quality of the air is decreasing. Then you should check for dust and make sure your ducts are clean. Maybe you should move your pots closer to the window, so they can feel the air move a little?

Pests. And last, but not least, one of the main reasons for indoor plants to die, are pests. There are many kinds of small and hideous creatures, which want to eat your precious plants, so be aware at all times and don't let them do it!

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