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5 Ways To Make Your Home Sustainable, Economical and Eco-Friendly

Global warming has been a raging worldwide topic for decades now, as people from around the world are experiencing the consequences of air pollution and the exploitation of natural resources. High green gas emissions paired with unprecedented consumption of natural resources have not only set the world on a path of a natural catastrophe, but they have also greatly increased the average cost of living.

Witnessing the constant increase of electricity and water bills, modern homeowners find themselves unable to plan for a solvent future without taking risks and even loans to alleviate the pressure of constant consumption. Here to help you create an economical and eco-friendly household that will lower your financial expenses and create a sustainable living environment are the top five green solutions for your home.

Introduce efficient lighting

Firstly, if you haven’t transitioned to an energy efficient lighting scheme yet, it is time to make the first step by switching out the traditional light bulbs for LED lighting. Traditional incandescent lighting is wasteful, and it has a short lifespan, spending 85% of energy on heat while casting only 15% of light.

Conversely, LED lighting can last for years on end, and it uses more than 85% of energy for illumination and wastes only 10-15% on heat. LED lights are an investment, and depending on the size of your household, you can slowly make the transition, one room at a time.

Use less water

Excess water consumption is one of the biggest problems in modern households, and is the biggest threat to the survival of the planet. A grim future awaits humanity unless every family introduces water-saving solutions into their homes in an attempt to preserve clean water supplies.

Fortunately, there are numerous contemporary solutions you can implement in order to waste less water, such as low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads. However, the biggest change needs to take place in you. Water preservation is a habit and a choice, so rather than showering for fifteen or twenty minutes, you can limit your bathing time to five minutes a day.

Establish independence

Energy independence is one of the most popular topics in the modern, environmentally-conscious world. Households across the globe are separating themselves from municipal energy supplies, alleviating the pressure from the global power grid and establishing financial and energy independence by introducing solar panels.

Collecting clean, solar energy is easy and affordable and with the use of contemporary energy storage solutions such as Sonnen Batterie Eco, you can use the stored energy to power your household for free all-year round. Imagine bringing your electricity bill down to zero.

Introduce efficient appliances and features

The aforementioned water-efficient features in your bathroom and kitchen need to be complemented with energy and water-efficient appliances as well. Look for kitchen appliances that use less energy and boast integrated smart modes that tune down the consumption of electricity automatically.

Also, be sure to replace your dishwasher and washing machine with contemporary models that not only preserve energy supplies but use less water as well. The combination of low-flow features and smart appliances across the board will allow you to create a sustainable living environment.

Raise your organic garden

Finally, you can dramatically decrease your grocery haul expenses by planting your own organic garden in your backyard. Planting your fruit and vegetable garden is not as difficult as it might seem, as all of the tools, materials and resources you need can be found at your local home center or nursery.

You can start by assessing the structure and acidity of your soil and proceed to enrich it by adding compost and, finally, plant your favorite fruits and veggies. With the use of soil beds and greenhouses, you can easily nurture and grow almost any type of organic food right in the comfort of your backyard.


It’s not easy running a household and remaining afloat quarter to quarter. However, by implementing these solutions as soon as possible, you will not only help in the preservation of the environment, but you will also pave the road to long-term solvency, health, and happiness.


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