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A New Adventure Living In The Woods

My first journal page on Home Grown.org. So much to do and see. Reading other's adventures in gardening and living the good life.

I'll begin with some history why I'm living in the woods and how I got here.

First many moons ago my folks moved us all in the sticks from the city. We had a few off and on farms but we knew we needed to be in the country. In the early 70's there was a back to land movement that we bought into and here I am 38 yrs later and living deeper in the woods.

We built a cabin from old buildings saving the good wood, put in a big garden, canned, heated w/wood, outhouse, washtub bathing , foraged, campfire cooking, did some fishing and lived a pretty good life.

Then I met my DH coming through the woods, he was a city dude to. I had been confronted by a real cougar two times but nothing scared me more then seeing him come through those woods. I had to marry him and been hitched for 30 yrs now.

He liked the country so we raised our kids on 20 acres. We started out with an old trailer home and was able to build an earth home.

Now we are an empty nest with a basketful of grand kiddies (oh do the years fly). Now dh and I are working our homestead, in a big ol 4000 sq ft. home What are we doing. My interest have been on scaling down. Small home movement : )

Our DD, SIL and 5 grand kiddies were living in a trailer on 8 acres in the woods with a creek that my dd was worried about with the kids, not to mention more cougar sightings. They were planning to build and sign a strapping 30 yr note. Whahooo. We connected , lets just trade homes. So they scrapped the loan and building plans. We all got busy moving.

Now DH and I are back to living in a old vintage trailer in the woods, and hav'n a time of our life. The grandkiddies have a room of their own and not 5 sharing a room. The walk the trails , theres a big tree hose in the making. The Outpost for camping. We left our gals (45 hens) for the kids to learn how to take care of and gather the eggs each day. It truely a very good place for their new homestead. So instead of hubby and I croaking and leaving our home and land to the kids we just amped it up a bit. We so enjoy watching our family being so very happy.

We love it out here. Sure the roof leaks, but a pan helps that and it doesn't rain all the time. But the windows in this place makes up for the leaky roof. Its like we are camping. Our view are woods, the sounds are nature, creek and hoot owls, coyote's yap and howling. Wild turkey walk down the oak tree lined road that looks more like a trail. No light pollution. We have no outside light pole so if the moon is not shinning it is very dark.

Plans to build a small off the grid cabin, another Outpost for camping, but first a bridge to cross the creek , not sure how well I'd do on a grapevine.

But for now I got three big organic gardens going, put out 300+ heirloom tomato plants plus I have about a hundred more hybrid tomatoes that my MOM who's 83 gave me cuz she and sis got tired of planting the 130 plants they put out. :/

Eating a couple of things from the garden, beans are full of blooms. And work'n the compost.

So this is what I like to do here in my blog is to keep a In the Woods garden journal. A new Adventure

Get some time, come on by and sit a spell on my big ol porch, and have a glass of ice tea. We'll talk garden : )

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