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You would think that I would have more to say on here after being lazy and not posting for a year. Ok three recaps and I will let it go: Chickens; the hoop house still is the Best Idea I Ever Stole (BIIES?) Cold winds Coyotes, and even two rosters in a small flock could not destroy it. The girls stopped laying around December, but picked up in February and now are laying one egg per day (Arcana chickens, so the eggs are just right for Easter!).  I will move them to the open pen in April, so they don't get to hot. :Brewing; I made a very tasty Irish Stout for St Patrick's Day, much more hoppy than the traditional brews. It looked like Guinness, tastes like Harp, and has a lower ABV than most anything I ever brewed (3.9). My best is still the Trappiest  Belgium Ale that I found the recipe for in Brew like a Monk, which is all about traditional brewing in Europe. It was supposed to be 9.8% ABV, it came out at a flat 10% ABV. It actually was strong enough to tingle the tongue. :Planting last year was both good and bad. I setup a new enclosure to keep the rabbits and deer out of the vegetables and herbs, but the rabbits still managed to get in some how, and played hob with the herbs. Our tomatoes were good until late in the year when we were invaded by tomato worms who chowed down on the last of our table tomatoes. We have in the past stored several dozen green tomatoes in the cellar and set them in the sun to ripen when we want them after the season was over. Nothing left to do that with this time. WORMS! No melons of any kind, lots of beans and peas and radishes and kale and tomatoes, peppers were good. Grapes were drying on the vine and we only got enough to have some to eat on a couple of occasions and nothing left to bottle. We are planning and planting now, so I will go to small farmer group and post what we are doing there.
 I will try to keep up with this more this year!

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Comment by HOMEGROWN.org on March 30, 2015 at 8:41am

Brewing, planting, fighting worm invasions... Sounds like you had a busy year! Thanks for checking in, Rick!


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