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All-local Mid-winter dinner party in Lexington, MA

I attended a dinner last week that served ALL local ingredients - sourced from Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut and Vermont. The dinner was sponsored by the Sustainable Business Network of Boston and Nourish Restaurant. As the chef told us: Not an easy feat in mid-January! The salad dressing contained no vinegar, but a red wine reduction, honey and kombucha from mere miles away. Even the oil and salt were local (Maine). A very creative and delicious meal indeed!

Here is the menu and the sources:

Artisanal Cheeses
Smith’s Family Farm Smoked Gouda, West River Creamery Cheddar, Great Hill Blue
New England Cranberry Company cranberry chutney, house-made crackers

Roasted Root Vegetable Purée
butternut squash, celeriac, carrot, parsnip, red onion and potato, with a dollop of Sophia’s Pantry Greek yogurt

Root Vegetable Salad
carrots, purple cabbage, celery root and apples on a bed of baby spinach and mixed greens with zinfandel dressing, topped with shredded beets

Misty Knoll Farm Roasted Chicken or
Baked Beans garlic mashed potatoes, steamed mixed greens and butternut squash roasted with Blue Heron Farm maple syrup

Mini Root Beer Float
Maine Root root beer, Richardson’s vanilla ice cream

Oat Cakes
Betsy’s of Maine organic apple butter

Local Wines
Turtle Creek Winery
Lincoln, MA
2007 Syrah
2007 Zinfandel
2007 Cabernet

Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery
Westport, MA
2006 Pinot Blanc
2007 Chardonnay
Local Beer
Peak Organic IPA Portland, ME

Local Farms
Red Fire Farm, Granby Carrots, parsnips, turnips, baby bok choy, onions, lettuce heads, lettuce mix, spinach, celeriac
Full Bloom Farm, Whately Potatoes
Chamutka Farm, Whately Purple cabbage
Czajkowski Farm, Hadley Butternut squash
Sophia’s, Belmont Greek yogurt
Simple Gifts Farm, Amherst Garlic
Real Pickles, Greenfield Pickles
Katalyst Kombucha, Greenfield Kombucha
Smith’s Family Farm, Winchendon Smoked gouda
New England Cranberry Company, Lynn Cranberry chutney
Blue Heron Farm, Charlemont Maple syrup
Boston Honey Co., Holliston Honey
Great Hill Blue, Marion Blue cheese
Richardson’s Ice Cream, Middleton

Ricker Hill Orchards Organic gala apples
Nature’s Miracle Farm Beets
Wood Prairie Farm Dried beans
NAMA Shrimp
Aurora mills and Farm Flour, oats
Maine Natural Oils
Maine Sea Salt Co.
Maine Root All natural root beer
Betsy’s of Maine Apple butter


Sheldon Farm Variety of fresh herbs


West River Creamery Clothbound cheddar
Misty Knoll Farm All natural chicken

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