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I have three amaryllis bulbs that I started in potting soil last October. Two of the bulbs have bloomed beautifully, but the third -- well, I don't know what it's trying to do.  I think it's a dud.


But as for the two bulbs that performed as expected, I'm now wondering how I'm supposed to care for them. 


Fortunately, I had saved one of the boxes in which one of the bulbs was packaged (despite what A&E says, hoarding does have some benefits,) and it contained information regarding after care.  I would assume these instructions would hold true for any indoor-forced bulbs:


  • After flowering, cut off the flower stalks and treat as a houseplant.
  • Continue to water and fertilize regularly.
  • Grow inside (in cold climates) or in a shaded area outside, after frost is no longer a danger.
  • Near the end of summer, withhold water to cause the plant to go dormant.
  • Remove any foliage, take the bulb out of the pot and store in a cool, dark location for four to six weeks. 
  • (I put my bulbs in a brown paper grocery sack, filled with wood shavings.)
  • Repot the amaryllis bulb in October and you should begin to see growth and blooms in a few weeks' time.

Amaryllis bulbs can be quite expensive, so I'm hoping that by following the above, I will have at least two blooming amaryllis by next Christmas.

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Comment by Cornelia on January 21, 2011 at 2:47pm
Thank you for sharing this! I love Amaryllis and the colorful elegance they bring to a room.


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